Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Days of Warmth

 Today was probably one of the last warm days before fall completely takes over. Waking up to 80 degrees on the first day I felt better in days made me want to dress up instantly. I wanted colorful and light! Then Gloomy and I went out to enjoy the weather and some music(Gloomy is awesome and has speakers in his feet!)

 Time to say goodbye to summer.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrate the Days Together!

On Saturday my handsome Knight and I went out for the evening to celebrate his birthday and our 7 year anniversary. We took a customary trip to a big mall(we both love to shop), eat, and watch a movie. One of the reasons we like to go out to big places is so that we can people watch. It's fun for us to see how people react in public. Also we like to dress up ourselves and show off our fun clothing. This was my outfit.

When we got to the mall we found a new jewelry store, Temptation. Oh My it is very shinny! There were so many things to love and try on. We had a blast. I got a lovely crown bracelet and ring, as well as a sweet popsicle necklace and shinny headband. I can't wait to put together new outfits to match my new accessories.

Also I saved for last the Sanrio store. Oh Hello Kitty galore! I have to pace myself when in that store because everything is just too cute! I am so happy that we have a Sanrio in CT, it so much better then shopping online. I played the $1 spin the wheel game(everyone is a winner) and got a sticker coloring book! My knight also found the fake nails for me. Another thing to plan and outfit around!

We had a great day together. If only he was home for good!