Saturday, April 30, 2011

Outfit Post - 4/28/11

The other day while looking through my closet I decided to try something different. Here is my stab at a Mori-girl look.

Skirt is handmade many years ago
Lace cover-up from Charollet Russe
Under tank from Disney
I did simple braids with a ribbon, and make up was just pale glitter eye shadow.

I like that the outfit was really comfortable and easy to move around in while still feeling so cute! 
Maybe I will start looking into buy more Mori outfits

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Booty from Anime Boston

So the last post was about the con, this is about the awesome stuff I got!
 I have finished my collection of my APH figures for set one! I put my bandannas from the box sets behind them along with the bag I got at Comic Con.

 Cute Chibitalia book mark I got in the Artist Ally
 Junjo Romantica wallscroll!!!!! now above my bedroom TV

 Added to the Manga collection, I'm going to need another bookcase soon
New series I got, Sugar Sugar Rune, it's so cute!
 Ceil and Sebastian print from the Artist Ally
 Adding to my Kingdom Hearts Collection!

Jame's new Satan Gloomy and my new Hello Kitty in a bunny suit. For some reason I really like yellow lately!!!

Woot to more stuff

Anime Boston 2011

Hello all, sorry for the lack of posting. I have moved locations in my job and last weekend I went to Anime Boston. Sadly I didn't get many outfit shots of myself, or even my group...*pout* but I do have some things to share with you.

 Some of the wonderful outifts in the Lolita panel fashion show. I kinda want them all.....o if I had the money.
There were so many Lolitas at the con this year. I think this is the most Lolitas I've seen in one place ever!
On Friday I went from this.....
 On Friday I started the day in my Bodyline dress and bonnet with my wig that Tiffany styled for me!
To this, lol!
Nalani-chan as Utena

Look they have an I-Loo!!!!!!

My boyfriend as Alan Walker

Nalani-chan as Jo and looking for her Pyro

This was the best Sora Cosplay there!!!   

 On Sunday it being Easter and all we dressed festive!!! I got some bunny ears from Claires and matched it with a blue Bodyline blouse and skirt from Charlotte Russe
Nalani-chan's cute legs!

Kissy with Nalani-chan

Good con and I can't wait till CT Conn!!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outfit Post -4/12/11

I haven't done any outfit post in such a long time. The main reason is due to time. I haven't really had the chance to dress up at all, lately....this makes me very sad. And when I do I don't get a moment to snap a few pictures. Well on Tuesday I made some time when we went down to the park.

I had some fun on the swing! 
Dress is Putumayo ( I love my KittyDragon dress)
I add a nice petticoat from another outfit b/c it's just a little too short, it gives it a good leangth and looks like it belongs. Also I added a belt to give it more of a waist. I don't think I look good if there isn't some shape in my outfits. 
Boots are a great $8 find from Goodwill last year
Tights Hot Topic clearance rack

Here is an outfit from a couple weeks ago.
Skirt is Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cardigan is from Charlotte Russe
Can't really see them but boots from Bodyline
(see my Kingdom Hearts Wall Scroll?)

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I hope to have some new outfit shots from when I go to Anime Boston. I'll be there all weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music Spotlight- One Eyed Doll

Time to introduce you to another artist I really enjoy...drum roll.....Kimberly Freeman and the One Eyed Doll!!!! Sadly I can't say that I am the one who discovered this gothic jewel, my awesome boyfriend did.  He played me Brief Candle (on my Princess Playlisit) and I was hooked.
Their music is a lovely mix of youth, death, cuteness, and the macab. I guess I wouldn't suggest this to someone who can't see the beauty in dark moments. Sadly some of my favorite songs don't have  music videos but here are two I'd like to share. 

This song is great! 

I hope that you enjoyed! One of the cool things is that you can download any of their music right from their official site. Because it's coming right from them you can donate any amount you wish for a whole album, please be nice and give them more then a dollar, this is their job. I suggest the albums Monster and Break!