Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kawai Jewelry

Just yesterday I got my first shipment of handcrafted jewelry from I stumble upon the site from Devaintart one day and now I have another place to spend hours shopping. I found these cute bunny studs and the strawberry cake ring from the seller Zefora ( She has a lot of great handmade jewelry any sweet Lolita would love. When I got home and found the cute package on the table I was so excited to open it. I did restrain myself in order to take a picture so I could have proof of the cuteness from the moment I received it. After I opened and admired it I headed to my closet to find an outfit I could wear to work that would match. If you are looking for something unique try looking at Etsy. It's a great community to shop from. I have more coming soon.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I want to run away into the forest.

You know the one that’s enchanted?

I want to run till my feet ache and bleed,

Till the air can no longer keep up with me.

Then there I will be, the world of my dreams,

Tables, chairs, carpets, and beds all housed

In the tress, grass, flowers, and rivers.

The wind carries warmth and scents of lavender,

The earth radiates heat and softness.

And sitting at the table,

That holds a lovely tea party for two,

Is you.

Our hands intertwined

You’ll tell me your tales,

Of great battles and gallantry.

You’ll speak of your comrades and the people you met.

And dare to tell me of the innocent girl you saved.

As we lay in the smooth grass you then move to the future,

Speaking of the plans you’ve made,

How each moment apart will be rewarded with many more together.

The days ahead will be filled with,

Long walks, dancing, laughter, and sweet kisses.

As the sky starts to darkens,

My fear grows.

Is it time to leave this lovely woods,

That I traveled so hard to get to?

But no,

You pull me into strong arms and soothing words.

In my comfort I drift off into real dreams.

Or has this become the dream?

poem by me
photos from weheartit

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So this is my review of the Syfy original movie Alice. I really enjoyed this movie. Syfy has created some very lame movies but every now and then they do something great (like the Dune movies).
One thing that was very successful about the movie was the overall feeling of wtf. When reading Lewis Carrol's books you are left with moments of "what just happened? Does this have anything to do with the plot?" They were able to capture this with many surreal moments. Sometimes you had the feeling like you might just be close to tripping.
They also did a good job at recreating the characters we all know and love. This Alice is strong and independent but also selfless. The Alice from the books is very selfish. The Mad Hatter is a little out there but no completely mad. The Queen well...she is all about self gratification. I think that my favorite characters were Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are extremely twisted and insane. One thing that was nice because it is an two hour movie there was a chance for more character and relationship development. This was nice for me because I do love any form of romance.
Overall it was a creative retelling of a beloved classic but brought into a modern light. If you get the chance to see this I highly recommend it. Let me know what you think.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Holidays

We decorated the Christmas tree tonight. It looks lovely. This is my favorite part of Christmas at my parents. I always decorate the tree with my mother, its an important tradition.
Here is a list of things/traditions I think everyone should do during this time of year.
  • Have a cup of hot cider (with a cinnamon stick)
  • Cuddle near a fire with a book that makes you feel good
  • Remember to enjoy the first snow of the season, don't freak out about the roads just yet
  • Try to make one person a gift, everyone really loves a handmade gift it tells them they are loved
  • Take a night to drive around and look at the lights and decorations (and don't think about the list of things that need to get done)
  • Do something that reminds you of being a kid because we can't let the child in our heart die
  • Make sure to listen to your favorite carols whenever you can, you only hear them once a year
  • Try and start a new tradition with someone you love
  • And the most important-Don't Stress Out

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Intro to poetry

Need Ignorance Again

In youth freedom existed.
Love was a simple word,
Hate had no true emotion,
Time was something to spend.

All woods where enchanted forests.
A dog was your noble steed.
Your favorite rock became a castle.
The pool was the mystical sea.

Every story had truth.
Each tale was you adventure waiting to happen.
Each superhero was someone needing to be discoverd.

And we knew we could find the all...until.

The bars of age close around each dream you made.
Reality makes each story a fairy tale,
The forests becomes a bunch of trees,
A rock is a nice place to sit,
Time is always wasted,
Hate can consume your heart,
And becomes too complex to make sense.

Freedom became surrounded by

The only freedom that remains is
The freedom to make the right choice,
Not the wrong one.

By Me
Photos from