Friday, June 10, 2011

Outfit Post

Wanted to share with you my new T-Shirt I got from Victore Fashion on Esty.

My Kerli Bubble Goth Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so awesome. Not only is the screen print really nice quality , the shirt is a soft cotton that breaths well. O how I know this shirt is going to show up in my outfit posts more often!
Outfit Rundown
Shirt-Duh Victore Fashion
Shorts- F21
Combat Boots-Mickey Fynns
With Hello Kitty Accessories

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Belated Lolita Day

Better late then never! So this past weekend was IDL as most of you ladies know. This year I returned to NYC for another panel discussion at Kinokuniya Bookstore. I'll be honest I didn't have as much fun as the year before but I think part of that was because my friend Amy wasn't able to join me.

Tara and Megan were the first ladies to go up and chat. They are the shop girls from Tokyo Rebel. You get to see them a lot in videos they do on the site's blog. We got an exciting announcement that Tokyo Rebel is going to be have a tea party to celabrate them carrying Baby the Stars Shine Bright. It was nice being able to ask them some questions about the store and themselves.

Next was Aly from Miss Lumpys blog. Number one I love her blog, her post are always to sweet and she really has an elegant way of writing. So defiantly check her blog out! She came to speak to us about her recent trip to Japan and her experience being a Western Lolita there. What I though was interesting was how the "rules" don't seem to be as important there, and they seem to explore with different styles instead of identifying with just one style.  Also I found it neat that she wasn't really viewed as a tourist when she was dressed in Lolita over more common clothes.
I was also excited to get the chance to chat with her after her panel. She is very sweet and I hope that we get to meet again at another meet up along with  Puchi Puchi .  She is another CT blogger I got to meet .

After that we went to the Sanrio store to pick up some cute Hello Kittyness and then to a noodle shop for lunch. All and all it was a good Loliday. I think that I need to have some big plans for the next one in December! Now with my outfit pics!

Outfit Rundown
Cardigan and Skirt- Putumayo
Blouse- Bodyline
Sock-Hot Topic

What did you do of IDL or even just what you did this past weekend?
An Oreo boarding the train


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Creativity Block

Hello dear readers,
    This is not really going to be one of my normal post, this is more an apology for the lack of posting. Lately I have had this problem with being creative in any way. From drawing, to cross stitching, blogging, even making Lolita outfits. I'm not really sure what has put me in this rut, but I want out. It seems whenever I try to get my creative juices started nothing is good enough or I just don't know where to start......
I've kinda come here asking for help. How do you break out of the block? Where do you find new inspiration? Is there any advice you can give?

I hope you are all doing well, and smiling everyday.
Love. Integrity. Unity