Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ILD and Christmas Cheer

I couldn't celebrate ILD on Saturday because I had to work so I dressed up today instead.  After dying my hair another new color and painting my nails we went to play mini-golf.  We are lucky that the local mall has indoor glow-in-the dark course, my skirt and socks were all glowing. It was fun to twirl and glow! As we left my lovely prince bought me a new pair of cupcake earrings to go with my cuteness. In the evening we went to my parents for dinner where we got to see the their lovely christmas tree. It is so huge!
Anyways outft rundown
Blouse and Skirt: Bodyline
Socks: Hot Topic
Shoes: Goodwill

 My Kingdom Hearts display area in my new apartment.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Days of Warmth

 Today was probably one of the last warm days before fall completely takes over. Waking up to 80 degrees on the first day I felt better in days made me want to dress up instantly. I wanted colorful and light! Then Gloomy and I went out to enjoy the weather and some music(Gloomy is awesome and has speakers in his feet!)

 Time to say goodbye to summer.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrate the Days Together!

On Saturday my handsome Knight and I went out for the evening to celebrate his birthday and our 7 year anniversary. We took a customary trip to a big mall(we both love to shop), eat, and watch a movie. One of the reasons we like to go out to big places is so that we can people watch. It's fun for us to see how people react in public. Also we like to dress up ourselves and show off our fun clothing. This was my outfit.

When we got to the mall we found a new jewelry store, Temptation. Oh My it is very shinny! There were so many things to love and try on. We had a blast. I got a lovely crown bracelet and ring, as well as a sweet popsicle necklace and shinny headband. I can't wait to put together new outfits to match my new accessories.

Also I saved for last the Sanrio store. Oh Hello Kitty galore! I have to pace myself when in that store because everything is just too cute! I am so happy that we have a Sanrio in CT, it so much better then shopping online. I played the $1 spin the wheel game(everyone is a winner) and got a sticker coloring book! My knight also found the fake nails for me. Another thing to plan and outfit around!

We had a great day together. If only he was home for good!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Journey Into the Wizarding Wrold

Now it's time to tell you about another adventure I had while in the land of Florida. I took the time to step out of my happy place(Disney World) and visit another place of magic, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'll be honest I was not thrilled about going to Universal but it's Harry Potter, yet another obsession of mine. I had to go once,but now I know I must go again and again.

After you walk to the back of the park from the entrance you do feel like you are entering into a new world. You get confused with all the snow on the building while you are sweating from the heat, but it adds the the magic.
All of the shops look amazing and so believable, I really wanted to go into the bookstore but there was no entrance for us muggles.

Eating in the Three Broomstitcks was very exciting. It looks just like the set in the movies.
This also where I had my first mug of butterbeer. Butterbeer is one of the best things I have ever tasted! It is just perfect, I wish that I could have some everyday.
The two roller coasters, Dragon Challenge and Flight of the Hippogriff, weren't anything great. They are remakes of roller coasters that were already there. But The Forbidden Journey inside Hogwarts is amazing. There really isn't anyways to describe it. It's like they took every aspect of any ride and placed it into one! This is a must.
The one thing that was disappointing was the fact that everything was kinda small, especially the shops. You had to wait in line to get into a store because they could only hold like 30 people at a time and once you were in there is was so crowded you really could see anything.

I was unable to get a good souvenir because I just couldn't handle being crammed into such a small place. I did get a Chocolate Frog though! All in all it was worth it and I will be going back again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney Lolitafied!

Last week I went on a wonderful trip to Disney World with my lovely Amy! We had such a great time. We road the rides, watch parades, awed at the fireworks, and dented our wallets! We have been to Disney many times but it is amazing how we still find new things to do. For example having high tea in the Grand Floridian. If you are down as Disney World and need a Lolita day this is the place to go. Here is how our day went:
We took the bus then monorail to the Grand Floridian. Our jaws dropped as soon as we stepped threw the doors.

This resort is so wonderfully beautiful. It is a Victorian getaway!

After checking in for our reservation we sat in the main waiting area just admiring everything. I caught a glimpse of the ceiling!

Then it was time for tea! They have a large selection of teas:black, green, oolongs, and herbals. A lot of them are specially blended for just their tea house. Also they have a selection of tea meal choices. I had the Buckingham Palace(so delicious!)

I chose a Jasmine Green Tea for my pot. Yummy!

Afterwords we walked around the outside of the resort dreaming of affording to stay there.

Then we hopped back onto the monorail and stepped into the magic of Magic Kingdom. Walking along Main Street in Lolita dresses was so much fun. we even got silhouettes done!

It was a wonderfully Lolita day at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Picture By Myself and Amy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Project October

One of the things I love about the internet is creating relationships with people I would have never met in the first place. There is a lovely person I met on Deviant Art, who loves geckos very much mind you. We have chatted through a couple of messages and have come to find out we have things in common. One of these it cross stitching, and we even share the common habit of having unfinished projects. As I told Sam (DidgetsPatch on DA) that I also had a large project I was working on she suggested we work on them "together". We have set a final date of October to both be done with our cross stitches. We are going to send each other e-mails of our progress in hope to keep us motivated.
I think that this is one of the beautiful things in this world. I have created a friendship with someone whom I've never met but yet they can make me smile. Here is our current progress:
This is DidgetsPAtch's called " Mickey Through the Ages" You can see more of her cross stitches on her DA account

Her is my project. I am making this from my boyfriend who loves the ocean and sea creatures.

Do any of you have projects you need some motivation to finish?