Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do we dream to escape reality or do we escape reality to dream?

So I picked up a new manga the other day(not a surprise). I am really enjoying it. There are two volumes out at the moment, second one was released just before the Alice in Wonderland movie so that might be why it caught my eye (good marketing Tokyopop).

Anyways I wanted to share a conversation between Alice and a character Nightmare that hit me:
Alice: There's nothing beyond a dream. They just end.
Nightmare: Exactly. When you wake up from a dream, there's nothing left but reality.

They were talking about how dreams can be scary but maybe waking up from them is scarier? I personally live for dreaming. Without my daydreams the day would just be boring. Sometimes I love the thought of just living in a dream, because I believe in anything is possible then. Maybe it's just because my dreams are filled with castles and dragons and knights, but I never want to leave them or not believe in them.

Anyways I leave you with a picture of one of my new outfits!

Blouse and Jumper: Bodyline

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  1. I def hear you on the living for dreaming thing >.>