Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry for the lack of post(not that many read this). I have found a new obsession...Tumblr! Please go visit. It has lots a cute stuff!!! Anyways one of the things I am doing is fulfilling a 30 day challenge. Day 5 was your favorite quote. Mine is "Sometimes you have to look reality in the eye and deny it"
I have always been trying to escape reality. I always am lost in a day dream or filling my head with lovely, sweet things. Don't get me wrong I have a strong enough grip on reality. I know what my responsibilities are and, as much I don't want to, I do my best at them. But come on, how many of you don't wish you could just get lost in your dreaming and not have to face the truth in this world? I think if people lost themselves in impossible then the world could be a slightly happier place. I think that magic happens everyday and is all around us. If we could believe in it a little bit more we could use it to make changes. But that is the optimist in me.

I also think more people need to step back and "deny their reality" Try something new, spend time doing something you really love, or just take 10 mins a day to look at something that can make you smile. I break away each day by going on Deviant Art and Tumblr looking a art work and photos of the things I really enjoy. This adds to my day dreaming and most of time lets me let go of my responsibilities for a while. I am me and nothing else. That is such a calm feeling. Maybe I try to escape more than I should but I can say that it makes me a happier person. (Too many people I interact with aren't) Let go people, believe in magic, have faith in love, and deny was you know is fact(sometimes).
How do you escape?
Photo found on Deviant art(not mine!)

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