Friday, July 1, 2011

Outfit Post - 6/24/11

Hello All,
 So time to be a little honest here. I haven't been posting because I've kinda been depressed. I wont go into self pity whining or such but I'll just say I've been down about life and where it's going. I am trying very hard to pull myself out of this rut but it can be difficult. I do have something to look forward too though, CT CON. I love cons so much so I'm hoping that going will put a little spark of creativity back in my life.
I did want to share an outfit from last weekend:
I kinda wanted to mix my old tomboy gothic style with my newer feminine lolita style. I wore my fanplusfriend bloomer/pants, F21 long kint tank, and added a bunch of accessories. I found a pair of fingerless gloves(just so you know I use to wear these everyday in high school, this was long before they sold them) put on a Sora Kingdom Hearts necklace, took my Disney :Think Happy Thoughts ribbon and wore it as a choker with a cupcake pin.
It was a great summer day and I drove to my parents to have Japanese food. Windows down with Kerli blaring helped clear my head a little.
I hope you are all doing well and keep smiling. I know things will get better for all of us


  1. I think that's a really cute look!

  2. Hello KittyDragon,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to the comment I left (about a week ago). I was slightly worried it may have seemed a bit weird, so you made me feel better about myself. Phew.

    Anyway, now I can leave a “normal” comment......

    (I don’t really know anything about fashion, unfortunately, so I’m not in a position to comment coherently about your outfits – except to say things like “oh, I really like that one” or “wow, that looks excellent” etc. Hardly illuminating, anyway, and almost entirely inept and worthless as far as sensible feedback goes. So you’ll excuse me, I trust, if I concentrate on something else? I hope so.)

    I was just wondering, though, what was getting you down? I noticed a few posts back that you were frustrated with your (temporary) inability to harness your creative energies. And now here, in this post, you mention feeling down about the direction of your life and how you are finding it hard to pull yourself out of a rut. Is there something specific, KittyDragon, or is this just a general feeling you are suffering from? Do you often find yourself feeling caught in such ruts – or is this a relatively new experience for you?

    And don’t be too worried about going into “self-pity whining” mode, okay? I think I allow myself a (secret) self-pitying whine at least once every day. It’s great. (Just don’t tell anyone.)

    I talk too much, sorry. I’ll shut up. Apologies if the questions seem too personal or direct – feel free to ignore them if they make you recoil.

    I hope you’re having a better day today, in any event.

    Take it easy.