Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Tea Time

So everyone loves going to a great party and some of us love to throwing great parties. So why not have a Tea Party for all those tea loving Lolitas out there. Here are my tips on how to throw a fun one.
For starters give yourself lots of time to plan. You don't want to be running around trying to get everything done and ready only a week before your party. Once you got your date pick a theme. It can be simple as having a good time, to celebrating a holiday, and even basing off a story theme (yea we all want to do an Alice in Wonderland theme). Having a theme can help you decided what you want for food and decorations you are going to use.
Now that you've got a theme start planing your menu. This is a tea party so finger foods are always good. Mini cupcakes or muffins a simple and fun. Also have a fun cake that is decorated to your theme is always a crowd pleaser. Other simple food can be fresh fruit cut in cute shapes and even covered in chocolate. Another thing I like to do is sugar covered nuts. It's simple and taste great. Now at most tea parties is all about the sweets, and believe all of mine have been full of sugar overload, but it's good to have something with substance. Make finger sandwiches or maybe chicken fingers. I know it doesn't sound cute but it can help keep everyone from crashing halfway through your party. Now remember this is where you are going to spend a lot of money. I have yet to have a party where I haven't spent $80-$100 in food. One way to keep cost down is to ask guest to bring something. If you do this make sure you know what people are bringing so you don't have six plates of cookies.
Now every good group of friends can keep a party going with just conversation but every good party planner knows you should have some form of activity just in case this isn't so.

At my last party we made chocolates and Valentines. Other things can be simple crafts. We are Lolitas , we love to be crafty. Pull out ribbon and make some flowers. You can even hot glue then to hair clips and headbands(get these at walmart for only a few bucks) to make cute hair pieces. If it's a nice summer party why not go outside to play some croquet(great for your Alice party) or bad-mitten.
Finally for your last touch is to set a lovely table. Pull out your cute tea sets or you mother's nice china. Place them onto a cute table cloth. If you don't have any of this yet you can always hit the goodwill store. There a lots of mis-match tea cups and saucers you can find there. It's would be cute if everyone had a different tea cup. You can even find other things for your table as well, like vases. Every tea party should have fresh flowers. It's brings out the princess in all of us when we see sweet smelling flowers. Another great idea for your place settings is to have something each one your guest can take home. Make personal place setting cards, our a single rose. They will remember the party longer if they have that memento to take home with them. This past party I found make your own candy necklaces kits. Everyone loved them!

Now that your guest are here there is one last thing to remember. Be a good host! Make sure that everyone has tea in their cup and food that they want. Make sure that everyone is included in the fun. If you are a good host no one will be afraid to ask for something when they need it and as long as you assist they will be so happy.
Now you have some things to help with planing that tea party you always wanted. The last thing I leave you with is HAVE FUN, Be Creative, and Take Lots of Pictures!

All photos are from my last party

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