Saturday, February 13, 2010

So at the moment I'm kinda half living back at my parents while my knight is off fighting the battles. I have moved into the guest room so I don't have the ability to completely my room my own. I have found someways to give it my flare and wanted to share this with you.

On the dresser I display all my lovely jewelry on my new dress holder (x-mas gift from my friend). I also love my Ariel box from the days when I worked at the Disney store, and my little frog prince.

My collection of headbands decorate my mirror. Yeah they are mostly black and red, my favorite colors.

Pile of Gothic and Lolita Bibles are always next to my bed cause I can't stop looking at them. Also there is my Angel Sanctuary pillow.

Next to my bed is some photos of the love of my life and the talking bear he left me that says "Goodnight Kittydragon, I love you." Isn't he sweet, I wish he was here.

This is my newly organised closet. My growing Lolita collection is starting to take over.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!

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