Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tea Trip!

Yesterday lovely Amy and I dressed up and went to visit the tea shop/house in NY, called Harney and Sons. It is only a little over an hour from us so we took a morning trip to get there. Because we went to enjoy tea and get new tea for our tea parties we had to dress up Lolita. I chose to go classic, one: because I haven't had many chances to wear this outfit and two: didn't want to go too "crazy" for Amy's mother. Here is a pic of me and my darling Amy. We are so close to truly being sisters!

At the tea house there is a shop, a small luncheon cafe and tasting room. After we enjoyed a delicious meal we went to the tasting room and had a great time trying all sorts of tea, from oolongs to black and green teas. It was great! When you purchase tea from Harney's every tin tells you the right amount and brewing time, so each cup of tea will be perfect.
These are the teas I bought. Organic Peppermint and Winter White Earl Gray. The peppermint leaves a wonderful tingle in your mouth and the white earl gray has an almost sweet taste to it. No need for sugar!

Visit the website, you can request a catalog and start exploring new teas.

Photos by me. Last photo from Haney and Sons page.

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