Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Share the Love

I am so grateful for the people who are in my life. They are the ones who make each day special for me and I truly enjoy telling them how much I love them. Sometimes it's just a simple text of "love ya" or even a little gift. I like doing this so much that I decided to pass it along. Here are some fun ways to say "I love you" to anyone special in your life.

Hidden Letters: I love doing this so much. You know that you have some cute stationary some where just begging to be used, why not give it to someone who matters.Don't have any? try Kawaii Gifts, they have tons of cute stationary. Tell them why you love them and how they change your life with the little things they do. Then the fun part is finding a way to secretly give it to them. Slip it into your friend's coat or purse the next time you hangout, sneak into your mom's room and tape it to her mirror, leave it on your father's dashboard in his car, place it on your significant others' dresser. Then wait, you'll know when they find it.

Small Crafts: I get very excited every time I do crafts, I don't know why. One of my favorite past times is cross stitching. At the moment I am working on an Easter egg for my Mom. Cross stitching is really simple and not very expensive. Just invest in some thread and a book of cute small patterns and you can make a lot of projects.Try going to A.C. Morre and picking up something like this . Some can only take one day to do, so they are a perfect way to say "Thank you" to a love one. Want something even simpler, color a picture. This may be childish but I know you friends and family will still love it. Leave a little saying on the bottom too, just like you did when you were little. "i LoVe MY daDDy" My friend Amy left me a lovely present of a Hello Kitty picture on my table just the other day. I hung it up and look at it all the time! How it still makes me smile!

Food is the way to Anyone's Heart: Get baking! I like to make my employees cupcakes whenever they do something really helpful for me or even when they seem down. Most baking is real simple and quick. No one will care if it's from a box, you took the time to make it for them. Then give it to them with your cute smile,and "just because." I promise this will brighten their day. Also you can invite them over for dinner. Be a good hostess and prepare ahead. Have a lovely table setting, take their coats, offer drinks, don't let them clean up. I love to do this for my parents, My mother goes over the top when I come over to visit and it makes me feel so loved so I try and pass it on to her when she visits me.

Spend the cash, Get them that gift: Who cares if it's not their Birthday or Christmas, did you see that little thing they would just love, pick it up. I love Strapya World for fun little cute things. Even take the time to wrap it! How surprised they will be when you walk in the door. Want to get them something and not sure what, try flowers. Sometimes I bring some when I see my Mom or Gramma.

Share your time together: You know that picture on the fridge or mirror of you and your BFF, why not take a copy place it in a decorated frame and give it to them. Show them that this memory is precious to you and you hope it's the same for them. I bet it is!

I hope you are inspired to go give a little gifts to the important people in your life. We all should know that we are important and loved by someone, why not do the same for someone else.

How do you say I care?

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  1. Dear Bekah, reading this makes me miss you all the more. You have such a warm heart. Can't wait to see you. xoxo