Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots of Dress Up

 I have been trying to take the clothes I have and create new outfits. Here are the results from the past couple of weeks.
Here I took a summer dress and wore in the cold. The sundress was made be my mother. Sweater is from Aero when I worked there 3 years ago. Necklace from Avon, I had to get it b/c it matched the print so well
Dress and Blouse Bodyline. Coat is from Macy's last winter and fur hood/scarf is also from Avon.
Shirt is from Charlotte Russe. Skirt is Bodyline, I love the Alice print. Candy pin was a gift when I placed an order from Glamasaurus. Hello Kitty watch to finish it off.
Skirt hand made from Cosplay 007 on ebay. Shirt was a gift for Christmas. It says "We're all mad here" Punked it out with combat boots and my Nana cosplay coat.

I hope you enjoyed the fashion show!
All photos by me.

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