Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When I was at Anime Boston I made sure to stop by the table for Hip Hop Candy. It's an online store for the kawaii at heart. It has hand made products from jewelry, stationary, to bath and body. The cuteness from this shop is so very overwhelming!
Above is what I picked up while at AB. One thing I liked about going to her table was that I got the chance to smell the scents before purchasing. I got a lovely Vanilla Peach body lotion, Vampire Kiss lip balm, and sweet Pink Lollipop roll-on perfume. I love it all but epically the roll-on perfume. It a nice light scent that last for many hours. Normally most roll-ons evaporate quickly but this one I still get sweet hints hours later.

Her jewelry designs are so adorable as well. They come printed on a solid plastic(not sure how else to describe it). Even though it's on top of the plastic it doesn't scratch off! I got the cute bunny girl for Easter. In the past I ordered a Witch necklace of Halloween last year. It seems I am fallowing a theme here *grin*.

I've never order the bath and body by mail but I have the jewelry. The website check out is quick and easy to fallow. The artist contacts quickly with payment conformation and shipping estimate. Both of my orders came shortly after I ordered.
I would defiantly say I am 100% satisfied with this shop and plan to shop from her again and soon. I planing to get some body washes and maybe more roll-on perfumes! Check out her site and I suggest to fallow her on facebook as well. She does a lot of updates on there.

Images from Hip Hop Candy

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