Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Outfit Post - Daffodill Festival

On Saturday instead of paying to travel to NYC for the Mastsuri Festival, Amy and I saved the money and went our local Daffodil Festival.  It was a lovely afternoon even though many of the daffodils had already passed. Many of the other trees were still in bloom though. Here are some shots from the trip.
 Weeping Willows are my favorite tree, and this one is so lovely.

We tried not to crush any flowers in the making of this photo

Because it was still kinda chilly I wore a longer more gothic outfit.
Dress- Handmade from Ebay
Shoes-had forver
Hat-gift from James
Amy's outfit is a skirt from Fanplusfriend with her zombie Hello Kitty shirt

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  1. You girls look lovely! I love the daffodil festival- we had a meet there, oh... maybe two or three years ago and it was great. So many beautiful flowers!