Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update, Where have I been?

Dear Readers,
    Yet again I have become a horrible blogger. With a large amount of writers block and work and life stressing me out I just haven't come up with something good to blog about. My internet time has been mostly used for me to relax and decompress. Anyways here is a small update on my life.
At the moment I am staying at my parents because my apartment has no power from the big hurricane that came threw New England. We don't know when it will be back on so I've taken my laundry, computer, and cross stitch and ran. My poor kitty Bella is stuck there but I think bring her here would stress her our more then anything.
At work I am currently the temporary manager. My wonderful manager is off help another store and then at conference. I am running the show and it's very stressful balancing it all with someone else to hold my back like she does. Also I've been working more hours and that is just killing me mental state, I'm starting to hate being there and I don't like that feeling.
The biggest thing I've been dealing with is the possibility my life may change drastically. James may be getting a job in NY at Fort Drum. It's about five hours away from all my awesome friend and wonderful family, but I will be with him everyday again. Also I wont have to work full time because we will live in military housing and he gets paid better. OMG the time I would have for crafting, just thinking about it make me excited. The only thing is that the paper work to make this happen is taking forever and until it's done there is no definite. So it's almost like my life is frozen and I can't move it forward.
I do have some exciting news too. After five years of working on it I have finally finished James's seascape cross stitch!!! I am so happy with it. Now I just need to get it all framed pretty so we can officially hang it on the wall.
Now I'm gonna try to start posting more. Look forward to more music spotlights, outfit post, I'm gonna start the 30 day Lolita challenge soon, I'm thinking of creating my own 30 day challenge dealing with being a Moonchild. I hope you are all well. I.L.U

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