Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Dress

Hello all. First I want to say that I am in great spirits at the moment. My handsome demon prince in sleeping right next to me, I can't ask for anything more....well except maybe a lovely new dress to share with you!

Melty Mermaid Princess 
Alice and the Pirates
I got the matching socks as well because I don't really have that many socks and none with blue in them. 
Here are some detail shoots,I just love this print so much.

Also this is the first dress I've gotten that has the crossing straps in the front. I really do like the image it creates and it takes away the need to wear a necklace. The fabric is nice and light so I can wear it on warm days and not be over heated.

And me in the dress.
I didn't really add anything to the outfit because it is a really busy print.
I just need a dark simple bow.
Shoes: Bodyline rocking horse

I just want to give another shot out to Tokyo Rebel, whom I order the dress from. They always give me great service and fast shipping. I will continue to shop from them.


  1. Oh man, I wish I could afford that dress! I even have pirate-themed jewelry that would match it perfectly.

  2. O my gosh! I want this dress! Oh I love ALice! this is amazing! But I cannot find anything like this ever! Oh for crying outloud! Love!

  3. That print is lovely, especially in that dark colorway. The stripes are awesome too, and I'm kind of drooling over the center panel on the skirt. ;D