Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Music Spotlight- Army of Love Fanvideos

These lovely fan videos have been showing up and I love them so much. My fellow Moonchildren as so creative. How I wish I could be with you all and share in moments like these.
This is from Otakon...another reason why I wish I'd gone!!! These are all great cosplayers and the Lolitas are just too freakin cute:)

Kerli shared this on facebook today. These girls are amazing. The created their own bubble goth looks and gathered their own Army! I love all the detail shots they do and the message at the end is just so heart warming.
I wish that I live closer to some Moonchildren so I could be part of something like this.

Lastly this amazing sign language video. This embraces what the Army of Love means to me!

Bless all you lovely Moonchildren and I.L.U to all

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  1. I should totally create a Bubblegoth look. I adore the style and it's something I've been wanting to play around with.

    Maybe I will!