Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Pirates, Magic, Cuteness, Bubble Goth, Bunnies and mix it all together

First off I'd like to apologize for the lack of posting this past two weeks. I've been busy plus I was very sick last week.  I had a nasty throat infection that still has a lingering cough. This weekend I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and I enjoyed it a lot. It was no better or worse then the other Pirates movies. I still stand by if it wasn't for the great cast the movies would fall flat. Of course Captain Jack Sparrow is awesome but Barbossa is the best pirate ever, and he is still awesome in the new one.

Have you seen it? What do you think? Who's the best pirate ever?

This past month Kerli joined with Chubby Bunny to have another contest. The contest was to take inspiration from Kerli's Bubble Goth style and Chubby Bunny's designs and make something, anything.  I decided to make a Amry of Love inspired eye patch. 

I didn't win but I am still extermly proud of myself. It has inspired me to make a whole Army of Love outfit someday. This way if I ever get to see Kerli in concert I have the perfect outfit...that's if she ever comes to the East Cost. See all of the winners here.

I finally want to tell you about some great manga I've been reading. 

Sugar Sugar Rune is a cute story of two young witches who come to the human world to compete to be the next Queen. This is a great story about friendship, falling in love, becoming an adult, and changing your world. The art style is so lovely and the outfits and images are so cute I wish I could have them all. Anyone who loves magic and cuteness this is a must read. I am going to try and find the anime.

Next is MeruPuri. This is totally a story about falling in love and it is just too cute to resist!!! The adorableness of the main character turning from a young boy to a teenager is just too much to handle. Also the fact that love can over come anything in this story is just very heart warming. I reminds me of what I felt like when I was falling in love. I would does this have an anime as well?

So that's it for my long update. What has everyone else been up to?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When I was at Anime Boston I made sure to stop by the table for Hip Hop Candy. It's an online store for the kawaii at heart. It has hand made products from jewelry, stationary, to bath and body. The cuteness from this shop is so very overwhelming!
Above is what I picked up while at AB. One thing I liked about going to her table was that I got the chance to smell the scents before purchasing. I got a lovely Vanilla Peach body lotion, Vampire Kiss lip balm, and sweet Pink Lollipop roll-on perfume. I love it all but epically the roll-on perfume. It a nice light scent that last for many hours. Normally most roll-ons evaporate quickly but this one I still get sweet hints hours later.

Her jewelry designs are so adorable as well. They come printed on a solid plastic(not sure how else to describe it). Even though it's on top of the plastic it doesn't scratch off! I got the cute bunny girl for Easter. In the past I ordered a Witch necklace of Halloween last year. It seems I am fallowing a theme here *grin*.

I've never order the bath and body by mail but I have the jewelry. The website check out is quick and easy to fallow. The artist contacts quickly with payment conformation and shipping estimate. Both of my orders came shortly after I ordered.
I would defiantly say I am 100% satisfied with this shop and plan to shop from her again and soon. I planing to get some body washes and maybe more roll-on perfumes! Check out her site and I suggest to fallow her on facebook as well. She does a lot of updates on there.

Images from Hip Hop Candy

Outfit Post - Daffodill Festival

On Saturday instead of paying to travel to NYC for the Mastsuri Festival, Amy and I saved the money and went our local Daffodil Festival.  It was a lovely afternoon even though many of the daffodils had already passed. Many of the other trees were still in bloom though. Here are some shots from the trip.
 Weeping Willows are my favorite tree, and this one is so lovely.

We tried not to crush any flowers in the making of this photo

Because it was still kinda chilly I wore a longer more gothic outfit.
Dress- Handmade from Ebay
Shoes-had forver
Hat-gift from James
Amy's outfit is a skirt from Fanplusfriend with her zombie Hello Kitty shirt