Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kawai Jewelry

Just yesterday I got my first shipment of handcrafted jewelry from I stumble upon the site from Devaintart one day and now I have another place to spend hours shopping. I found these cute bunny studs and the strawberry cake ring from the seller Zefora ( She has a lot of great handmade jewelry any sweet Lolita would love. When I got home and found the cute package on the table I was so excited to open it. I did restrain myself in order to take a picture so I could have proof of the cuteness from the moment I received it. After I opened and admired it I headed to my closet to find an outfit I could wear to work that would match. If you are looking for something unique try looking at Etsy. It's a great community to shop from. I have more coming soon.

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