Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I want to run away into the forest.

You know the one that’s enchanted?

I want to run till my feet ache and bleed,

Till the air can no longer keep up with me.

Then there I will be, the world of my dreams,

Tables, chairs, carpets, and beds all housed

In the tress, grass, flowers, and rivers.

The wind carries warmth and scents of lavender,

The earth radiates heat and softness.

And sitting at the table,

That holds a lovely tea party for two,

Is you.

Our hands intertwined

You’ll tell me your tales,

Of great battles and gallantry.

You’ll speak of your comrades and the people you met.

And dare to tell me of the innocent girl you saved.

As we lay in the smooth grass you then move to the future,

Speaking of the plans you’ve made,

How each moment apart will be rewarded with many more together.

The days ahead will be filled with,

Long walks, dancing, laughter, and sweet kisses.

As the sky starts to darkens,

My fear grows.

Is it time to leave this lovely woods,

That I traveled so hard to get to?

But no,

You pull me into strong arms and soothing words.

In my comfort I drift off into real dreams.

Or has this become the dream?

poem by me
photos from weheartit

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