Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Intro to poetry

Need Ignorance Again

In youth freedom existed.
Love was a simple word,
Hate had no true emotion,
Time was something to spend.

All woods where enchanted forests.
A dog was your noble steed.
Your favorite rock became a castle.
The pool was the mystical sea.

Every story had truth.
Each tale was you adventure waiting to happen.
Each superhero was someone needing to be discoverd.

And we knew we could find the all...until.

The bars of age close around each dream you made.
Reality makes each story a fairy tale,
The forests becomes a bunch of trees,
A rock is a nice place to sit,
Time is always wasted,
Hate can consume your heart,
And love....love becomes too complex to make sense.

Freedom became surrounded by

The only freedom that remains is
The freedom to make the right choice,
Not the wrong one.

By Me
Photos from www.weheartit.com

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