Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impatient for Spirng?

I sure am! I can't wait till it is warm again, I am sick of cold and wet. Because I am so impatient I have started doing a few things to get me ready for spring!
  • The other day I hit the mall and got some warmer scents for my self. Bath and Body has this scent Carried Away. It's different from my normal "darker", musky scents I use. It's a light mix of sweet flowery smells. 

  • I also went to Yankee Candle and got some new candles. I suggest the new Pink Sands and Spring Days. When the burn they make me think of warm mornings sipping tea on my parents porch.
  •  To add to my shopping spree I am going to start looking for new sheets. Spring makes me think of lazy mornings is soft cotton sheets. Winter I bundle up in warm flannel sheets but I can't wait to get into thinner bedding. 
  •  Pull out those sun dresses and iron them. The must be all wrinkled stuffed in the back of your closest all winter. Bring them out, even wash them so the are all fresh for when that first warm day surprises you.
  • Get a pedicure. If your feet are anything like mine, they don't look so pretty after being stuck in socks and shoes all winter. Now you'll be ready for that first day you want to wear sandals. Last year
     I remember looking at my feet and thinking "yuck", not this year!

  • Now you can paint those pretty toes and nails. Stay away from dark colors like red and black(even though I like them) and use a yellow or blue. Use a bright color so that it will give you a little reminder that warmer, sunny days are on their way. 

I am still planing on getting this from Sephora but maybe in Minty 
The only thing left for me to do is be patient........NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



  1. Hehe, I bought the Hello Kitty nail polish in Bubblegum. I wanted the blue, but I figured I already have 3 blues, so...XD

  2. I am hoping to stop buy my local sephora to get the Minty color, it's just finding the time