Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Booty from Anime Boston

So the last post was about the con, this is about the awesome stuff I got!
 I have finished my collection of my APH figures for set one! I put my bandannas from the box sets behind them along with the bag I got at Comic Con.

 Cute Chibitalia book mark I got in the Artist Ally
 Junjo Romantica wallscroll!!!!! now above my bedroom TV

 Added to the Manga collection, I'm going to need another bookcase soon
New series I got, Sugar Sugar Rune, it's so cute!
 Ceil and Sebastian print from the Artist Ally
 Adding to my Kingdom Hearts Collection!

Jame's new Satan Gloomy and my new Hello Kitty in a bunny suit. For some reason I really like yellow lately!!!

Woot to more stuff

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