Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outfit Post -4/12/11

I haven't done any outfit post in such a long time. The main reason is due to time. I haven't really had the chance to dress up at all, lately....this makes me very sad. And when I do I don't get a moment to snap a few pictures. Well on Tuesday I made some time when we went down to the park.

I had some fun on the swing! 
Dress is Putumayo ( I love my KittyDragon dress)
I add a nice petticoat from another outfit b/c it's just a little too short, it gives it a good leangth and looks like it belongs. Also I added a belt to give it more of a waist. I don't think I look good if there isn't some shape in my outfits. 
Boots are a great $8 find from Goodwill last year
Tights Hot Topic clearance rack

Here is an outfit from a couple weeks ago.
Skirt is Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cardigan is from Charlotte Russe
Can't really see them but boots from Bodyline
(see my Kingdom Hearts Wall Scroll?)

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I hope to have some new outfit shots from when I go to Anime Boston. I'll be there all weekend!!!


  1. I really like that first outfit. Very cute!

  2. Thanks I really love my "kittydragon" dress

  3. First time I've read your blog in a while. I like your title pics with the parasol. It's the yin side of KittyDragon.

  4. Hello KittyDragon.

    I'm not sure if you'll ever see this comment, so I'll try to keep it brief (unusual for me).


    I've come back to this post a fair few times (probably too many to be entirely healthy, let's face it) and often wondered about leaving a comment. The second picture down of you on the swing has really properly floored me. Everything about it is right - and most especially your facial expression. I really, really love it. Without wishing to be crude, it sends a rather obliterating heat through me. Beautiful. (Although clearly I may need to visit the doctor to help cure my fevered brow.)

    That's all.

    Actually, no it's not, sorry. The last picture really appeals to me, as well. There is a classic elegance to the outfit that, to my mind, is all too sadly lacking these days. Good for you, I say.

    I'll get out of your hair. Take it easy.....

  5. *blush* well thank you for faltering comments. I'll be honest I was just having fun on the swing set so the facial expression wasn't planed, just happened.
    I hope that you visit my blog more, for whatever reason keeps you coming back.