Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music Spotlight- One Eyed Doll

Time to introduce you to another artist I really enjoy...drum roll.....Kimberly Freeman and the One Eyed Doll!!!! Sadly I can't say that I am the one who discovered this gothic jewel, my awesome boyfriend did.  He played me Brief Candle (on my Princess Playlisit) and I was hooked.
Their music is a lovely mix of youth, death, cuteness, and the macab. I guess I wouldn't suggest this to someone who can't see the beauty in dark moments. Sadly some of my favorite songs don't have  music videos but here are two I'd like to share. 

This song is great! 

I hope that you enjoyed! One of the cool things is that you can download any of their music right from their official site. Because it's coming right from them you can donate any amount you wish for a whole album, please be nice and give them more then a dollar, this is their job. I suggest the albums Monster and Break!

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