Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge- Day 1

So here it is the 30 day challenge and we all know this will the a challenge for me to keep up with it!
Day 1-10 things about your Lolita bubble.
Ummm Lolita Bubble? That is a silly way to put it.

1) I only get to wear Lolita the most of twice a week. Due to work I can really only wear it on my days off and even then sometimes I don't get to wear it. Maybe someday soon I can begin to wear it more often!!!

2) I wear Lolita for me and no one else. I don't care if someone thinks "I'm not doing it right" or if someone thinks "It's to childish" Lolita make me happy that is the only reason I wear it. I don't even care if my fiance thinks I look good or sexy, I want to be cute to make me feel better.

3) I don't think I have a favorite brand yet but I think that Alice and the Pirates maybe to closest to that. I love almost everything they make. I think it's because it a great mix of gothic colors and themes but with a sweet feeling to them. I also own two outfits by them.

4) I am a gothic, sweet, and classic Lolita all at once. My closet is filled with a little bit of each and I try to mix them all together.

5) I don't consider myself a lifestyle Lolita. Yes I enjoy the fashion, tea parties, sewing , and such, but those things came before Lolita. Maybe Lolita just fits my lifestyle?

6) I only really know one Lolita, my best friend Amy. We love to dress up and go out together. All the other Lolita's I've meet once or twice and we don't keep in great touch.

7) On the other side there is so many Lolita's I've meet online I wish I could hangout with all the time

8) I buy almost all my outfits from Tokyo Rebel. They have great customer service and I enjoy supporting small businesses.

9) I get most of my inspiration from tumblr!

10) I think I will still be a Lolita when I am 30 and I hope so!
All photos found on tumblr

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