Thursday, February 17, 2011

KittyDragon on my Dress

Last week I made two orders and both of them came in today! First was from Straypa World. This is the second order from there, the first was for Christmas presents and this one for myself. With getting the iphone I couldn't find any cases that I really loved but Straypa had so many cute ones to choose from!

My case is in purple! I kinda also wanted pink but I had to chose! I got some new matching head phones as well and Pocky chopsticks!

Next order was Tokyo Rebel! I don't know if you saw their latest Putumayo shipment, but I got to order most of it. I did go a little crazy.  I really do suggest Tokyo Rebel for shopping. Some of the things that were in the video that they hadn't put on their website, when I e-mailed them they put them up that day so that I could order them. They also put my order together very quickly and cut my shipping cost. They have great customer service.

My thank you card(I loves those) and my free Putumayo post card

Putumayo bags, not as fun as I wish but funky

I told you I went over broad(7 items)

Ribbon Cat outfit with Mirror cat Cutsew

Cat print one-piece, it's got a KittyDragon on it, and cat socks

Chiffon Dress

Tote bag
After super cleaning my apartment I went to meet my mother for dinner. I had to wear one of my new outfits! It was really nice out so I went with the Cat Print one-piece.

One of the things I love about this outfit is it's really comfortable. Unlike a lot of Lolita I feel like I could wear this all day and doing most activities.
With my new case and headphones

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