Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Music- Princess Playlist

Music is a daily inspiration for everyone. We love to dance around to that club song when we are in a good mood and cry in our bed to that song that breaks your heart. I have found that I like to create different play list that reflect my mood so am going to share them with you. To start with I chose my Princess Playlist these are the songs I love to listen too when I feel like I am a beautiful Lolita Princess.

Walking on Air by Kerli
   -Yes I posted this song in my last post but I absolutely love it! I feel like I am a magical fairy when I sing it

Set Apart this Dream by Flyleaf
  - This song is filled with innocence.

Love Story by Taylor Swift
  - This may be corny but come one it's what ever princess dreams of.

Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore
  - To create a magical castle to live in. (ps I love this video and she is wearing Bodyline, did you know that?)

Rabbit Heart by Florance and the Machine
  -This song is just filled with fantasy and magic.

Brief Candle  by One Eyed Doll
  -It is a story in itself

Last summer listening to beauty

I also want to wish you all a lovely and magical Valentines Day.
Just Kiss by pandabaka

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