Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Banners and Finished Project

As you can all see I have a wonderful new banner!! Thank you to Tiffany who made it for me! She also made me these two to choose from.
I love them all and want to use them all at some point. I may change them depending on my mood. Tiffany is so awesome, she not only does great job with photoshop she is also a great artist. 
You can find this and more on her DeviantArt account.

I also took the time to add some more stuff to my blog as well *points right*  You guys can check out some of my favorite blog I read.

And I have finally finished a cross stitch project. This one I am planing to give my mother. I hope to find a nice frame to put it in and give it to her for Easter. Now I have to spend some time on James large cross stitch project....I'll finish it someday.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good! You should probably change the background and text colors to better match the photo.

    And thanks for the little shout out! ^_^

    BTW, I can't cross stitch... let alone sew. Just about anything with a needle and thread is a big no for me... >_>