Sunday, September 11, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge- Day 3

Day 3 – 10 things you hate about Lolita.
1)Elitist. I hate those girls/guys who think that everything must follow the rules, that they are "better" Lolita's because they have the newest brand and they are deck out from head to toe in a complete collection. I hate how they nag on new girls about "how they are doing it wrong."  I'll be honest that is why I have never joined egl. I know that if someone I didn't know said I looked bad it would hurt me so I stay away from that.

2)Brand vs off brand debate. When it comes down to it yes we all know brand is better quality and more original but not everyone can afford brand so get over it. I started with Bodyline and I still shop from their site. Also I like replicas, it makes getting that design you loved easier.  Most replicas are made after the brand design is sold out so it's not really hurting there initial profits .
3) The rules. Yes the style should have basic guide line but every outfit doesn't need to fit into the rules. That's how Lolita happen, someone broke the rules somewhere.

4) The cost. Yes I can deal with it and I do pay it but the cost is still crazy.

5)Time. I don't have enough time to wear Lolita and I hate it! I work so hard to get the money to buy it and then I only get to wear it a few times a really sucks.

6)"Are you in a play? Are you going somewhere important?" the stupid questions. I've been getting annoyed by answering the same questions over and over. No one asked me if I was "depressed"  or "doing drugs" when I wore Gothic clothes.

7)The time it takes to get dresses. Ok I know most girls this is part of the fun but for me, doing make, doing my hair, and such is boring. I want to be in my clothes and cute in an instant!

8)Shoes. Not that I hate how cute the shoes are but they are so hard for me to shop for. I have a hard time as it is with normal shoes but buying shoes online is crazy and most of the time you can't even exchange them.

9)Lack of Lolita like activities in my area. There really isn't many Lolita's I know of in my town and a lot of the other CT Lolita seem so closed. I've tried to reach out to a few of them but nothing really comes of it. :(

10)Distance. This encompasses so many things. The Hub of this fashion is across the world. When you order from over seas is takes so long. But the biggest thing I hate is that all the awesome Lolitas I've met online live so far away, I wish I could have a giant tea party with them all.

Day 3 has no pretty pics, sorry

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  1. I agree with you on so many of these, except for the brand one. I don't always think brand is better, quality-wise or whatever. I've seen some hideous and awful brand pieces and then some lovely handmade or replica pieces. I think it's mostly just hit and miss.