Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge- Day 6

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in Lolita.
1) Bloomers. These fellas help a lot when that right gust of wind decides to show up or when you need to bend down to pick something up. Lets not flash those frilly panties! 
2)A cute purse.With dresses being limited in pockets I def need a purse in my Lolita travels. My only problem is I keep filling them with too much stuff that my shoulder or arm always hurts by the end of the day. I think I need a cute small backpack instead.

3)Casual outfits. I love the days I can deck my self in head to toe Lolita but some days we just need something cute but simple to wear. I really don't pull out the blouse and my poofiest petti-coat when I know I am just gonna sit on the couch at home.

4)My camera. Not to be vain but whenever I am dressed up I want to take pictures to capture the cuteness. Almost every outfit gets a mini-photoshoot.

5)Boots. Ok so I do have some nice heeled shoes and my rocking horse shoes but boots are usually the shoes I pick to wear. For me the are the most comfortable Lolita suited footwear.(sometimes I'll even wear my combat boots...shhh)

6)Knee socks. To go with the boots. I love knee sock, they make the outfit most of the time. Sadly in the summer I don't wear them as often as I would like. I feel like tights don't add the right innocent look that I think Lolita needs.

7)The internet. Without this Lolita would have never came to me. I get all of my inspiration from fellow Lolita's and other styles. Also how else would we be able to buy these lovely dresses, I can't really just go to the mall, lol.

8)My confidence. I think that anyone who wears Lolita must have a strong level of confidence. Without it I think you'd be to scared to leave your home. You have to believe for yourself that you are beautiful because not everyone see it as beautiful.

9)The spirit of youth. For me it's what drew me to Lolita. When I wear Lolita I feel like a little girl playing dress up and I get to pretend to be a lovely princess, or a gothic queen, or maybe a magic fairy. Without the whimsy and dreaming of my inner child, Lolita wouldn't really be that fun.

10)My friends. They help make each day I dress up special. Even if it's just for them to say"you look so cute" or if we dress up together to hit the town. My friends are the ones who make my life special everyday, not matter if I'm wear Lolita or not.

So these list of 10 things are kinda hard man......

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  1. Guess who gets a special shout on my new video? You do!