Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge- Day 4

Ok I did miss a day but I did close last night so I kinda have an excuse. :) On to day 4!
Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.
1)Ok this isn't very "Lolita" but Grilled Cheese is my #1 fav food of all time. When I go out to eat I order this almost all the time, lol. It may be that little kid in me. James even makes me cute animals when he makes my grilled cheese.
2) Watermelon. One of the best things about summer!!!!

3)Real ramen, not the stuff from a bag(though that is good too) I'm talking a real Asian noodle shop. I've been to a few in NYC and I could eat at one every day!

4)Tacos, a nom nom nom nom

5)Cupcakes. Not really original but who doesn't love cupcakes?

6)Strawberries. I can have strawberries at every meal not matter what else I am eating. Like tonight I had clam chowder and strawberries.

7)Candy. Skittles, starburts, nerds, air heads, if it's sweet I love it!

8)Crackers. It may seem bland but this is my most common snack. 

9)My mothers home made cooking. Yes I said it, there is nothing better then my mommies home made food. Sometimes I go over just to see if she will make me something delicious.

10) Tea. Not really food but it is the biggest part of my diet. I drink tea morning, day, and night(thank god for decaf).

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